A Year in Review: 2016

With the end of the year just over 48 hours away, we thought we would take some time to do some reflecting on all of the blog posts we’ve put out during 2016. Wallpapers, interviews, industry articles, culture, creativity–there were a lot of gems scattered throughout our posts that we learned from and that we used to hone in on our crafts. For this post, we’ll check out some of our favorite lessons (in no particular order) that we’ve learned; we hope you’ve enjoyed reading as much as we’ve enjoyed writing.



Being effective and efficient are not the same things. Being effective is getting things done, but in an order that is nonsensical. Being efficient is getting things done, but things that didn’t quite pertain to the task at hand. We examined this notion in a little more detail in our blog post Maximizing Workflow. Check it out for some other tips on getting down to business.


Creativity is an elusive beast that seems to come and go as it pleases. One of the ways we’ve found to counteracting this is, as rigid as it sounds, to plan out your day by breaking down tasks into subtasks and allowing yourself to get in the zone. You can read our blog post Scheduled Creativity for more tips on planning out your day to wrangle in your creativity.


Growing outside of your craft is one of the most beneficial things you can do for yourself, professionally and personally. It opens you up to learning new things, meshing with new people, and potentially producing some really awesome work. Take a peep at our post from September, Growing Outside of Your Craft to see how exploration is one of the keys to success.


Our interview with Pep Rally Inc. was a gold mine; we discussed topics like entrepreneurship, starting out as a creative, work/life balances, and perhaps one of our favorite topics, opportunity. In the interview, we touched on how too many people wait for opportunity while telling themselves “once I get the chance, then I’ll really |fill in the blank|,” instead of creating and seizing opportunity. Check out our full interview with the guys from Pep Rally Inc, because this small paragraph does it no justice.

“ Explore, create, learn, grow, achieve, succeed. Do it.”


Collaboration is key. Helping each other out in the workplace leads to increased idea generation, varied solutions, and an overall positive boost to the workplace vibes. For more on how we reap the benefits of collaboration on a daily basis, check out our post Collective Collaboration.


Staying flexible as an agency is how you survive. There are new tools and methods that we discover on the regular, and if you can learn how to use them, or at least get used to picking up new things daily, you’re better off. You can check out our blog post Agency Adaptability for some more tips on staying flexible as a person, and as an organization.


Investing in people over things is how you create a business worth talking about. When you put time and effort into the people in your workspace, you put energy into the overall culture, helping you and your peeps flourish. Read our post The Importance of Growing People for some other insights into caring for the hearts and minds of your coworkers or employees.


We held a Dribbble meetup with Joel Santana from over at Dunn & Co. and here, we discussed the importance of passion projects. We clearly defined passion projects as something, often outside of your profession, that gives you a sense of happiness and satisfaction. If you missed our meetup, no worries. You can check out all of the top tips that we took from it in our post Dribbble Meetup Takeaways with Joel Santana.


Process+presence=progress. When you work in the moment and when you’re present with your work, you can enter a flow state and bust out more than you thought you were capable of. Check out our post Process>Product for some insights on how to hone in on your process.


Do as much work as possible. We held a Behance Portfolio Review with Joshua Pearson from over at Pep Rally Inc. and among many pieces of advice, he told us that when trying to sell yourself as a creative, being able to showcase flexibility and a breadth of experience goes a long way. Do any work you can and learn from it. You can read our top lessons from this event in our post Behance Portfolio Review Takeaways.


During our Dribbble meetup with David Gonzalez, we chatted about how chasing what you want is never a bad idea. Grow in your skills, do what matters and Pursue Your Craft. Check out our blog post Without A Doubt for a bit more on David and to find his wallpaper.


Represent Like A Boss. Shammer Diaz talked with us during one of our Dribbble meetups to discuss the importance in how you present yourself, both personally and professionally. He talked with us about that extra mile and how it never ever hurts to go above and beyond expectations in everything you do. Check out our post Wallpaper Wednesday with Shammer Diaz for more on him and to find his wallpaper.


And that’s about it, everyone. We’ve learned some of the greatest lessons this year through trial, failure, and frustration but that ultimately lead to growth and success; we’re stoked to see what lessons come with 2017. To all of you who have kept up with us, thank you so much. We hope that you have a happy New Year’s Eve and that you’ve taken as much from 2016 as we have. Keep hustling out there.