Behance Meetup Takeaways with Jay Giroux

Our latest Behance meetup with local creative Jay Giroux from Pep Rally Inc. was one for the books. We wanted to give a shout out not only to Jay himself for making the time to come out and talk to us about some of his processes and mindsets but also to everyone who came out; you all are the reason we do these events month to month. Jay dove into what makes him continue this journey as an artist day in and day out and we were fortunate to have him share this and give us insight into the constant hustle. In case you couldn’t make it out, here are a few of our favorite takeaways from our talk with Jay Giroux.

“Share studio space, have events, hold critiques, start a shit band. No great movement was started alone.”

The Pillars of Hustle

If anyone knows Jay, he is a million miles a minute and always trying to push the creative boundaries and create with a pioneering spirit. In our minds, this is what it takes to truly be great at something.

He shared an interesting approach on his 4 pillars that helps him as an individual create for PEP as well as his fine art career. He believes that love, wealth, spirituality and health are key to building this foundation. The key in these pillars is a balance in all and paying attention to not burning out. I’m sure we can all relate to this, huh? We constantly as creatives have to be all in or all out. The trick with that is we have to run the race a little smarter and pace ourselves with a plan and understand where we start and where we want to finish.

Don’t Quit That Day Job

Jay spoke on the idea that quiting your day job might not be an option. I mean we get it, shits expensive and the cost of living these days requires most of us to work even two jobs. Jay spoke on the success story of Warby Parker, who started the brand on nights and weekend hustles to get the idea right and tight while maintaining other obligations. See, it all has to have some type of compromise or sacrifice to achieve greatness in going after your calling or purpose. Jay believes weekends are for getting ahead and to carry that torch of the pillars he mentioned above. We loved this and think that if you truly love what you do, the race or the hustle never stops.

Find Your Tribe

Jay believes that no great movement was started alone and we are standing firm and believing that with him. He believes that finding a great group of people and surrounding yourself with them is key to making a mark. Share studio space, have events, hold critiques, start a shit band. Just getting that dialogue and building that creative relationship with peers is a strong approach to making great things.

The thing is though, don’t just surround yourself with people who just like what you like. Be-friend people who are chef’s, DJ’s, designer’s and all types of other influences. We really love hearing this and truly believe in this theory. It helps mature what you know and gives you perspective to open your minds to different approaches.

Even though Jay works with his tribe Pep Rally, he also believes in creating solo as well. This helps him build his strengths and personal discovery. He thinks this is a solid form of meditation and practice.

Show Up. Be President

Alright, maybe not the President but be present. Jay has a simple method to this process. Just show up and start something. To many of us never follow up or follow through. We are constantly procrastinating and are our own worst enemy. It’s important we just do something and follow up and follow through.


Don’t do drugs and stay in school because pursuing creative is a dead end road. Chill, we’re just kidding! But for real, this is a very hard and humbling road and learning to deal with rejection should become the norm and help you become the creative you need to be.

Whatever you do, stay at it and continue to be positive in all you do and get to work.

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