Collective Collaboration

Harbr Co. teamwork = Harbr Co.llaboration. It’s true, here at Harbr we rely on collective thinking to help grow ourselves as individuals and as a team. Between client work, brainstorms, and bouncing ideas off of each other, we’re constantly leaning on our team mates in the workplace. Individual work has it’s merits, and we all have our heads down sometimes, but when it’s game time, standing together is how we roll. Check out how we use collaboration as a means to better ourselves.

“The more you get to know your team, the more precise you can be with asking for help.”

Accelerated failure

In one of our previous blog posts, we discussed how discomfort is one of the easier ways to push yourself; “hardships are always accompanied by growth”. While collaborating with the team, it’s easy to vet out good ideas, while collectively squashing the… not so good ideas. Ever written something down and returned to it later only to find out that it wasn’t as good as you thought? Yeah everyone has, but when working with the team, this process requires little to no down time. It’s a continuous flow of concepts and possible solutions where everyone has input. Don’t like that particular suggestion? Cool, let’s brainstorm some more and move on to the next.

Mix Masters

Ooo, yeah. Probably one of our favorite reasons to employ collaborative tactics on the regular. People with varying skillets produce (surprise) varying ideas. A videographer thinks very differently and with different solutions than a designer would, and those ideas differ from those of a developer. Writers, designers, developers, and producers; we love pulling in different people to get different takes on what they think our solutions should be. Even within the realm of each of those roles, people just think differently from each other. It’s the difference between viewing something through your own eyes and through the eyes or three or four other people. When it’s time to get down to business, this is how we bust out work.

Wavelengths and Vibes

We’ve talked about effective efficiency before and collaborating with coworkers is one of the easiest ways to get on that level. Collective thinking helps all of us hop on the same wavelength, brainstorming as a unit rather than as an individual. Even outside of meetings, working as a team becomes easier because we’re all on the same page and we know what needs to be done. The more you get to know your team, the more precise you can be with asking for help. If one of us doesn’t know much about WordPress manipulation, you can bet that we know exactly who to ask about it. It sounds funny, but when we’re all on the same note, or vibe, or wavelength, or whatever you want to call it, work becomes streamlined, and we just mesh better as a team.

Collective Conscious

Alright so maybe that’s a bit much, but flowing and connecting with coworkers definitely helps everything run smoother. From helping each other fail more, bringing in fresh ideas via varying creatives, and all being part of a whole, we can honestly say that we’re a fan of Harbr Co.llaboration (had to throw that play on words in there again because it’s too good not to). So next time you’re thinking of tackling a project by yourself, try pulling in other people to help you out, even if it’s just one other team member.

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