Fostering Community

While internal community is something we try to build every day, we also know that strengthening the community and culture in Tampa Bay is imperative. We’ve got some exciting new initiatives coming up to give back to the community, but recently we’ve been hosting events in our office to offer a space where creative people can come together to hang out and network. Check out why we’re excited to help foster the creative community here in Tampa.

“...we try to have various creatives speak on different topics so we can help build on preexisting knowledge.”

Building culture

One of the aspects we enjoy most when holding community events in our space is, of course, the people as well as the cultures that they come from. Our events always end up being a mixture of designers, writers, strategists, planners, painters and more. With such a diverse group of creatives, there hasn’t been one event where we’ve left without experiencing one new agency, creative, or way of thinking. This shines through with our speakers, as we try to have various creatives speak on different topics so we can help build on preexisting knowledge. Hit us up and you could be our next speaker!

Making connections

Getting new people in the community is always a plus; you never know when those connections could lead to new partners, clients, or employees. Our last two hires have been people how have discovered us, come to an event, and gotten to know the team by hanging out and telling us a bit about themselves. Aside from us making new relationships, one of the more significant reasons why we hold events here, is to offer up a space where we can act as matchmakers, bringing people together to meet other creatives in the area.

Up our sleeves

Although you may have missed our most recent events, we’ve got some big things coming up that you won’t want to miss. We’ve usually got a few sponsors from drinks to free merch so come stop by for a bit, hang out, and get to know the people in your community! Thanks for reading and keeping up with us. Follow us on FacebookInstagramTwitterLinkedin, and Dribbble for some of our best practices, free wallpapers and to see when our upcoming events will be.