Oxen Made

While it’s not unique to have a related production company as an agency, the dynamic between Harbr and our sister company Oxen Made definitely is. Between taking separate clients and cutting cross company wait time in half, having a separate production company is where it’s at. Check out a few ways Harbr Co. and Oxen Made are a perfect match.

“One brief with team members from both Harbr and Oxen makes things flow just a little bit easier.”

Why wait?

The discovery phase for any client can be a hefty portion of any project. Feeling them out, gathering info and ideas, and nailing down strategy can take a while. The whole process for any client is expedited when we’re able to pull in Oxen Made for all of the production needs. One brief with team members from both Harbr and Oxen makes things flow just a little bit easier. If there is ever a need to pass a project, everyone is already on the same page, so the transition is seamless. Not to mention the fact that both companies can work on the same client at the same time, one for design and development work, and the other for production.

Work it

Things can get a little awkward when agencies hire other agencies. Thankfully, a separate production company solves that problem. Oxen Made being it’s own entity, the production team has free reigns over any and all outside production work separate from Harbr Co. Both collaborative work and work that we keep separate is expedited with teams who are willing to step in to help wherever possible.

Pics for days

One of the perks of having a production company in the same building is the fact that there’s a production company in the same building. This makes in house content a breeze. Need a headshot for a new hire? Cool, just walk 20 feet and talk to the team at Oxen Made. The back and forth between Harbr and Oxen is incredibly beneficial for both companies, making collaboration feel more cohesive. And it’s definitely not a one way street. Oxen often helps us with in house content and we help out with in house writing and site maintenance where we can.

Strong Together

Overall, having a sister production company just makes sense. From dividing and going to town on work, taking on multiple clients, and helping each other using our skills, we’re definitely stronger together. Be sure to check out their SITE and their REEL to keep up with them.

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