Swiss Agency

Much like a Swiss Army Knife, the full-service agency offers a lot. Branding efforts, content creation, social media maintenance, SEO endeavors–all of this and more come in the full-service agency package. While this may work for some agencies out there, here at Harbr, we don’t see ourselves going down that route. We’re specialized and boutique, and will most likely push to define ourselves in this way as much as we can in 2017. Check out how why we’re steering clear of the full-service model.

“The tools on a Swiss army knife are plentiful, but not the most useful in some settings.”

Where Are We Going?

With so much changing on the regular, we’ve been surprised to see that the typical one-stop-shop agency is still around. While it may work for some, is it really the way of the future? While doing everything advertising/branding/marketing related can sometimes be beneficial, we’ve come to find that honing in on what we do best benefits both us and our clients more. We’ve talked about the internal benefits of being a boutique agency in one of our past blog posts, but recently, our goals have shifted from focusing solely on individual clients to focusing on anyone we can help with great digital work, other agencies included.

Choosing The Right Tool

The tools on a Swiss army knife are plentiful, but not the most useful in some settings. If you needed to cut a rope, the small blade or saw on a Swiss Army Knife probably wouldn’t be the most practical option. We’ve taken on this mentality when focusing on Harbr and the areas that we’ll grow into. Although we’ve worked on projects traditionally completed by full-service agencies, we excel when it comes to building out custom sites; go with the best tool for the situation. Other than focusing on our strengths, being specialized helps us stay nimble and able to adapt. We are advocates for growing outside of your craft, learning new things, and push past boundaries, however, when there are so many different elements of growth to focus on, it can be hard to make much progress in any given area. So yes, grow, but don’t spread yourself thin.

Specialized Partners

So what does it look like to be an agency that partners with other agencies? While we’re still trying to answer that question, we can see the potential for some awesome benefits. One of our ongoing goals here is to contribute to the community by helping people and their businesses grow; by partnering with other agencies for digital work we can help those agencies build better brands. When partnering with other companies, we would also get to flex our digital skills, potentially cutting down on project timelines. Helping build better businesses, strengthening our core skills, and cutting down on time and cost are some of the more over-arching benefits we see.

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