Boutique Agencies Are Where It’s At

Think Small

Boutique agencies are on the rise, and at Harbr, our creative digital agency is no exception. We’ve asked ourselves why we chose to be on the smaller side, standing strong with less than ten employees, and we’ve come with a few answers. Here are our top three reasons why being a small digital agency suits us just fine:

“With smaller numbers than larger agencies, it’s essential that every person knows what they are doing, and then some.”

Masters of All

“Wait, you don’t know how to do that? Time to learn!” – This is literally the mantra of every small business owner, especially so of a smaller creative agency. With smaller numbers than larger agencies, it’s essential that every person knows what they are doing, and then some. Yes, for the most part, designers design, and writers write, and front end developers develop… front ends. But there has to be some kind of bleed over in between roles in order to streamline work. So everyone does a little bit of everything and in turn, you have a group of people who have a wide range of skill sets. And trust us, if you’re ever in the dark on anything, Google is your best friend.

The Price is Right

Generally speaking, more costs more, and less costs less. The same holds true when talking about agency size. Often, what clients pay for when they employ a larger agency is a tried and true method of getting stuff done, which can be an effective solution to what the brand needs. First you do this, and then you do that, and you get this result. What clients expect when taking on a boutique agency is a kind of free-flowing creative process that not all of the bigger agencies can offer. Of course this does not apply to all boutiques and vice versa, but it is definitely something to consider when discussing perks of being a smaller agency.


Our third and final reason as to why boutique agencies have the goods is, and it’s a biggie, culture. A smaller agency’s culture stems from a founder or an incredibly small group of people, which makes it nearly impossible to sign on as an employee unless you agree with that culture. That being said, having people who believe in the same core values that you do, it becomes way easier to connect with them and impact their lives on an individual level. There’s also a lot less room for things to be lost from person to person; things are a little more direct with less people. With processes out in the open, it’s pretty common for the majority of, if not all of the team to be involved on projects. This also allows anyone on the team to dip into a project on an as-needed basis. Ultimately, being part of a smaller work place, it’s a lot more likely that your fellow employees become less like coworkers and more like friends and family.

Boutique Is Just Fine With Us

All of the perks that we enjoy at Harbr are, of course perks at Harbr, meaning that not all boutique agencies will experience them; even more so since we are technically considered a boutique digital creative agency. With that, there are exceptions to the opposite – some larger agencies can boast most of these benefits. For the most part though, a smaller agency can almost always brag about these bonuses, at least from what we’ve experienced in the Tampa area. So whether it’s being masterful throughout many trades, better pricing for both the clients and the agency, or experiencing a close, family-like group of people, boutique agencies are where it’s at.