Make Day with Nolan Perkins

We’re participating in Make Day by Unsplash as a way for us to create, inspire, and in this case introduce our newest Developer, Nolan Perkins.

From student to intern to our newest front end developer, check out Nolan and

A bit about Nolan

In the past 6 years I’ve taught myself product design and how to code. In that time I’ve also been a part of a few tech startups that saw my designs on the front page of Yahoo. On top of that, I’ve been finishing up my degree at USF for advertising. During my transition from my last startup, I joined Harbr as an intern where I eventually joined on part time and plan to be full time when I finish up my degree.

When looking for an internship, I was in search of a small team because I like the grind-it-out feel that comes from small teams. Beyond that, I wanted to stay digital because that’s where my skill set was. I was referred to Harbr by a mutual acquaintance and was instantly pumped on the prospect of being able to work with them.

I started the internship undecided on which path I wanted to pursue for my career. On one hand I loved designing interfaces and apps, but on the other I still loved getting my hands dirty and actually building out the designs. My first task at Harbr was to redesign a product’s landing page of my choosing and to see which role suited me best, I was to make the brand, design the site, and then build it out.

After browsing around for a product that I wanted to redesign, I decided that I wanted to design a landing page for a product I was bouncing around in my head. Chatbots are becoming really popular due to Facebook Messenger’s bot system, but mapping out a chatbot is really difficult and even more so if you don’t know how to code. I wanted to build an app that would allow a user to design the look of the chatbot, map out the interactions, and then export out the code all without having to code anything. I decided to call it and off we went.

I still have plans to actually make into a product, but at the moment I don’t have the time to get after it. After finishing the page and working on some client projects with Harbr, I’m definitely leaning towards front-end development, but I still like to dabble in the design side of things when I can.

You can check out the start of HERE on Nolan’s site.

Be sure to follow him on Dribbble and Instagram and thanks for keeping up with us!