Between deadlines, timelines, client expectations, and the pressure that comes with each of those, the deliverables are where a lot of us focus. Getting wrapped up in goals and pushing out the final product takes away from the actual process of creating. With daily stresses and frustration with the creative process, we often forget why we’re doing something or how we can use creation as a means of fulfillment. So in case you needed a reminder as to why the process is more important than the product, this one’s for you.

“Define your own process, then perfect the areas that you can...”

Good Process, Good Product

More often than not, time spent investing in your process, is time spent investing in all future products. Defining the way in which you do anything expedites the start up phase during a project, ultimately giving you more time to refine and hone in on what you’re actually trying to accomplish. Since creativity can often be messy and elusive, nail down the concrete parts of your process because when you’re process flows well, you reach a more cohesive conclusion.


Scrapping ideas, getting frustrated, feeling uncomfortable, all of these experiences lead to a well-rounded creative. The process is where you learn all of the hard lessons you need to grow in your creative career. We’re not saying that the end product shouldn’t be considered, but the mistakes that you make and the experience you gain while you’re in the trenches are the things you carry with you into your next project. Define your own process, then perfect the areas that you can so you can focus on taking as much from your creative endeavors as possible.


Focusing on the process while creating is how we keep ourselves grounded in the present. When you focus on what you are currently doing, rather than zeroing in on the end result (which let’s face it, is abstract at this point) you start to work in the moment. Not to zen out too much on you, but being present while you work is an awesome and easy way to enter a flow state. Flow, getting in the zone, doing work, killin’ the game, whatever you call it, we can all agree that this is the place you want to be when you work on anything. When you hone in on the process, you work in the moment, and when you’re present with your work, amazing things happen. Just remember this when you’re having a hard time getting into that zone: process + presence = progress.

Do Work

Again, we’re not saying that the end product should be forgotten, but that the process is where all of the good stuff happens and to ignore it would be a great disservice to you and your future self. Let the process be a journey that helps guide you to your best work while also preparing you for any and all of the work to come. But in case no one’s told you today, keep doing good work out there. You’re killin’ it. Thanks for reading and keeping up with us. Follow us on FacebookInstagramTwitterLinkedinDribbble, and now Behance for some of our best practices, free wallpapers, resources and spec work.