Scheduled Creativity

You wake up late, you’re out of toothpaste, you stub your toe on your way out the door. The first hour of your day defines the rest of that day and how it will go. It seems like if you start the day off on the wrong foot (probably the one you slammed into your dresser) it’s almost impossible to get things back on track. We’re huge advocates for the morning routine and more specifically, a morning routine that allows you to be creative. Set up your day for creative success with a little help from us here at Harbr.

“If you’re starting something new, remember that you’re just starting, so don’t criticize your work too hard.”

The Secret to Getting Ahead is Getting Started

If you don’t already have a morning routine, start one. And we don’t just mean drinking coffee (although this is incredibly important, too). Stretch, run, take a cold shower, pray/meditate, read, or do anything that helps you definitively start your day. It’ll help you gear up for the day so you don’t crash into your morning right after you roll out of bed. And when it comes to having any kind of morning routine, consistency is king. That is, you can’t expect yourself to get into any habit without making a solid commitment to it. Possibly one of the easiest ways to do this is to plan out your morning the night before, down to what you’ll eat what what clothes you’ll wear. Eliminating those pesky decisions the night before creates a clear route to your routine. Ultimately, create your own morning ritual and stick with it.

Produce Any Work

Getting to the more creative side of things, fitting creativity in your morning routine is essential for anyone and everyone looking to flex those creative muscles throughout the day. Spend some time honing your creative craft by focusing less on the quality of the work you do in the morning and more on the quantity. By getting your thoughts down and sifting through them all, you allow a more free flowing process to take place, rather than focusing on the rigid process of refinement. It’s also helpful to treat this time as a time of discovery. Find what interests you creatively and pursue it for a few hours or days to see where it leads. Discovering new outlets will improve your well-roundedness and broaden the styles and influences you bring into your creative space. If you’re starting something new, remember that you’re just starting, so don’t criticize your work too hard. Check out this video for some inspiration from Ira Glass


Just For You

Make sure that the time you spend in the morning, is solely yours. It’s a time for you to put yourself and your personal growth first. Take that time to inject a little of yourself into the day. It’s important to keep distractions to a minimum and focus on how to improve upon yourself. Starting the day with a focus on bettering yourself is one of the simplest methods to boost daily creativity and to maintain it throughout the day. Taking the time to work on yourself in the morning also creates a sense of accomplishment, which can be the transition you need to start your day on the right foot.

You’ll Learn to Love it

Start a routine and stick with it, because eventually, you’ll love the space that you craft for yourself. Do all of the easy stuff the night before by planning them out so you don’t have to put brainpower into things like what you’ll wear that day. Get the creativity flowing by putting anything and everything down on paper (or in a document, or on a canvas, etc.). Discover what it is that interests you so you can explore your creativity more and make sure that the time you create in the morning is for you and only you.

Think good thoughts. Eat good food. Be creative. Have an awesome day.