Top 10 Graphic Designers to Follow on Instagram

Staying inspired isn’t always easy, which is why we try to find it in as many places, forms, and people as possible–Instagram is no exception. In no particular order, here are our top 10 Graphic Designers to follow on Instagram. Check it out.


1. brand__nu

Colorful, clean, and carefully constructed: Creative Director, Radio Malinic runs one of the most beautiful Instagram accounts and we can’t get enough. We’re also huge fans of his “graphic journal” Book of Ideas.

2. juancarlospagan

Design and funky typography are a couple of things you can expect out of this account. Although the words designed out on this profile are often short, like ‘yes’, they’re all unique: leopard print for example.

3. grif

Shane Griffin’s IG account is pretty interesting. From post to post his feed is cool, but when you look at it as a whole, that’s when the motifs really pop. From glasslike swirls of color, to nightmarish silhouettes of creeping people, it’s definitely worth the follow.

“Nothing is original. Steal from anywhere that resonates with inspiration or fuels your imagination.”

– Jim Jarmusch

4. rikoostenbroek

First word that comes to mind when looking through this feed? Watercolor… or kaleidoscopic, either one. But also not like anything we’ve found in many other places. This is one of the most consistently colorful accounts that we follow, his designs popping off of the neutral backgrounds.

5. madburyclub

While most of the others in our top 10 are individuals, this one is the exception. This is a group of college buddies that turned into a crew of creators, making some of the coolest work we’ve found on Instagram, not to mention their awesome apparel.

6. stefansagmeister

Weird isn’t always good, but in this case, it’s legit. Photos, animations, typography and a healthy dose of Trump bashing, this account has it all and the whole thing feels like one huge experiment. Love it.

7. mrseaves101

Good typography and murals are at the heart of this feed. In a good amount of her posts, you can see Gemma O’Brien putting the final touches on some amazing work. Location based photography is interjected in between type posts and it’s on point. Check it out.

8. ilovedust

We love dust too. Another exception, this group of creative puts out some seriously awesome art. Combining surrealism and modern design, this feed is what our dreams are made of.

9. kristianhay

Minimalist flat design, good type, photography and… shoes. Brightly colored and overall a good follow. Check him out.

10. jennetliaw

Graphic designer for Nike, Jennet Liaw is one of our favorites to follow along with. Her type is clever, clean, and handwritten more often than not. We’re especially a fan of her take on the quote “Stay Humble, Hustle Hard.” Check her out.


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