An experiment for a brands overall creative good

The Goal

SoundCloud is the world’s leading social sound platform where anyone can create sounds and share them everywhere. We felt that exploring new sounds could be easier and more efficient. The goal was to create an interface that allowed users to find great sounds even faster.

We focused on allowing users to filter music by multiple tags at once. This meant redesigning all other components of the page to work seemlessly with how users add tags and explore new music.

The Logo

We felt creating a way to make the logo reflect the player sound waves was crucial to brand alignment. So we studied, sketched and created this version of sounds that we feel make the icon have a fresh and new way to experience the waves of music.

The Site

The explore page was redesigned from the ground up with focus on allowing the user to explore as much music as possible with minimal effort.

Control Your Music

Music controls are positioned in the navigation bar which follows you where ever you go on the site.

Music Player

The music player is one of the biggest items on the screen but it only serves a purpose when it’s actually playing music. When the play button on an album is clicked the music player slides out below the album to reveal controls and comments.

Explore With Purpose

When “add tag” is clicked the search prompt allows you to quickly add any type of sound. Start typing and the results begin pouring down.

Album Covers

A grid of album covers means users can quickly scan to find certain tracks.


Tags are used as a way to filter the results on the explore page. Tags can be toggled on or off, added and deleted.