Wallpaper Wednesday with Chris Salvador

Chris Salvador

Maryland born, Florida raised, Navy brat…I’m essentially a Jacksonville native transplanted here to Tampa in 2009. I guess you could consider me a late bloomer to this design profession, getting started in 2004 (Figure out what you want to do in life early, kids!). I started off as a traditional graphic design gopher, learning the basics of print design and getting into a little web work with a small boutique studio.

Fast forward to 2012, I’ve been with Harbr before they were Harbr! My roles and skills graciously evolved here over the past few years. Whilst expanding my creative side within branding, illustration and hand lettering, I’ve learned a great deal in the visual design realm for web and mobile products.

When not in front of a macbook, I tend to a simple life with my educator wife and a grumpy, yet spunky, senior dog. There is life beyond pixels my friends!
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