Wallpaper Wednesday with Greg Bryon

I’ve been a photographer professionally about 7 years. My current personal work focuses on analog(film) documentation of cultures, colors, and textures. Commercial work ranges from studio, products, and look books to architectural. I’m also a co-founder of Pep Rally Inc, working as a photographer, content strategist and, CFO.

This wallpaper is a shot that I took in Barbados in 2016 while I was traveling. It accentuates the decaying textures and colors of an old fishing boat. I shot it using my Contax G2 with a Carl Zeiss 45mm on Fuji Pro 400H film.

Thanks everyone for checking out Greg’s work and for keeping up with us. To see more by Greg, you can stop by his site, 828photography, or by following him on Instagram, Facebook, and Tumblr.

Greg will also be our featured speaker for our Behance Meetup this Thursday, 1/19. Click HERE for event details.

See you all there!