Out with the Old

A Bit About the Designer

I was born and raised in Placerville, the best little town in Northern California, and after a few stops in San Francisco, Las Vegas, and LA moved out to St. Petersburg with my wife almost three years ago. While I’ve designed things my whole life, it took me awhile before I made a career of it. Initially I went to school for film and digital media, then moved to social work before leaving school to join the non-profit world. That experience allowed me to travel the world, seeing the beauty and strength of people from all walks of life, and eventually brought me back to design as non-profits have a lot of graphic and digital needs but not a whole lot of people with that skill set.

Once I got a taste for designing real solutions to real problems, I was hooked. Four years later, I’d worked at a couple of different agencies and started my own studio when Harbr Co. announced they were looking for a fresh creative to join the ranks. So here I am, working with the most talented group of makers in the Tampa Bay to craft thoughtful and innovative solutions to meet the needs of a great group clients.

Outside of design, I’m a husband to a wonderful woman and a father to two boys: a sixteen-month-old, and another who we’ll get to meet in May. Check out my Instagram (@iamjoshwarner) if you’re into adorable kids. Thanks for reading!

Out with the Old

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