Wallpaper Wednesday with Patrick Weber

Patrick Weber AKA Alpha-tone

I am an art director living in Nashville TN by way of Florida and Alabama. I moved to Nashville on a whim for a job, I fell in love with this place immediately, I have always wanted to live in a big city with people that acted like they were from a small one.

Currently I am the Art Director at wallsneedlove.com We make home decor and accessories, specializing in adhesive wall art (Wall Murals, Removable Wallpaper, Adhesive Headboards). We work with a select group of artist, we sell there art on all our product lines and the artists make commissions. We are accepting applications now (apply HERE).

While I am not working at Walls Need Love, under the name Alpha-tone I enjoy illustrating pop culture references and designing juxtapose patterns like the one that I have submitted here. I like the idea of a pattern that at first glance looks like your grandmothers wallpaper but at a closer look you can find skulls, guns, and knives.

You can purchase some of my art HERE.

You can also visit my site HERE.