Wallpaper Wednesday with Paul Thompson

“Who would’ve thought?”

These are the words I’ve found myself saying throughout this last year or so. I lived on my own in Denver for seven months, road tripped across the country twice, spent a week in Los Angeles and have grown not only as a creative but ultimately as a person.

There was a lot of struggle to be able to do all of this. There were plenty of lonely nights in between where I just thought to myself “What the hell am I doing?” or “Maybe I shouldn’t have dropped out of art school”. Times where I didn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel and wanted to turn around and go back to comfort and familiarity of school but thankfully through God and the people supporting me, I was able to push forward.

Looking back at this last year alone, the phrase “It was worth it” has never been more appropriate. Now I’m here at Harbr and I’m absolutely loving it. I’m surrounded by awesome people who care about me not only as a creative but as a person and want to see me grow. After doing all of this it’s crazy to think that I hadn’t even stepped a foot out of Florida in my entire life until getting on that plane to Denver a year ago.

Who would’ve thought?


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