Without a Doubt

A Bit About The Designer

Hey everyone, I’m David Gonzalez. I grew up in Bradenton, Florida, a town full of beautiful beaches and slow-driving retirees—snowbird season is always the best. I had always loved art, but during my senior year of High School I realized I didn’t know what I was going to do after graduation, and of course, our art teacher was curious. One day she asked the seniors to tell the class what we planned on studying . One by one, my classmates shot off their answers without hesitation. Not wanting to be the one kid without a plan, I panicked and started scanning the wall, landing on these banners that listed different creative professions; “Graphic Designer,” sounds good. So that’s what I said—honestly not really knowing what that was. Dodging a bullet, I went home and started researching design. I started taking classes at the community college and immediately fell in love.

Fast forward through tons of coffee-driven all-nighters and plenty of curl-into-the-fetal-position moments, I finished my degree at USF St. Pete in 2014 and landed a gig at a Tampa agency called SPARK.

I love the challenge of solving design problems. The road can be stressful at times, but always extremely rewarding in the end. That constant challenge and resulting growth is what will keep me doing this forever—or at least until I decide it’s time to move to a beach town and frustrate young drivers with my sluggish speed and incessant braking.

If you’d like to track this slow decline, follow along on Instagram @daveedgee. It’s gonna be a blast.

Thanks for checking this out!

Upcoming Meetup

David will showcase some of his work and talk a little about the road that he's traveled this upcoming Saturday at a Dribbble meet up we're hosting here at Harbr. Check out our Facebook page or the link in our Instagram bio for more information.